Make Your Marketing More Human | Castelan

Marketing, when discussed, is condensed to statistics, trends and other numerical that help us compare how one business is doing against another, in terms of their digital presence. This is because the digital marketing techniques are taking over the entire essence of marketing itself.

The traditional ways of marketing are barely anywhere, each company is trying to do better than the others. This consistent rat race has completely removed the human factor from marketing. In more traditional techniques, it was essential to take up tactics that appealed to the human emotions to create an impact.  The growing digitalizing of processes and marketing technology has led us to an era of complete and utter automation. Everything is automated according to statistics. Even though it seems irresistibly easy, and the way to go but its enabling us to lose the human creativity in these processes.

It is important for businesses to maintain a human connection between the brand and its customers. Experts are often found debating on how to maintain the human factor in the marketing industry, and here are a few ways how:


Learning about your customers intimately

The data that companies use to determine trends, can also be translated into behaviour patterns that can help companies identify the psychology of their consumers. It helps determine what their thinking, how they are reacting to the content presented to them. This can be used wisely to your own advantage.

These insights could be used to create marketing techniques that reach out to customers and tell them: we see you! The customers feel important and heard, building a strong loyalty pattern between the brand and the customers.

Make user experiences personal.

If you’re using digital techniques to communicate about your business, you can make interfaces that are user friendly and personalised in a way that customers feel included. You could make interactive websites and applications or if you are a business that is concentrated to one marketing segment, then it is likely that the patterns are similar. Your campaigns could be designed around these patterns to create a personalized effect.  All your representatives need to learn about the human touch, and pass it on!

Start conversations!

Businesses are often seen using AI and advanced Chat-bots to create interactions between customers and the brand; however these technologies can hardly replicate the same aura that a human conversation does. It is important for businesses to remember to keep their customer services departments completely human.

Story Telling!

Stories are what keep us interested; each society, community, culture, and household would attach themselves to a different story. These stories can help businesses connect with their customers. Connections formed by stories last a long time. Campaigns that are centred on a story that a community or religious groups hold close would appeal more to them as compared to a simple everyday campaign. For example, marketing campaigns created around festival receive more interactions and responses than usual campaigns, this is because of the sentimental values to these festivals.